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O.O.D. & Band Fotografiert von Kantina Kasino (O.O.D. Edit)

O.O.D. & Band Fotografiert von Käthe Koscher (O.O.D. Edit)

Kai Bayer Vocals and Keys, O.O.D. Lead Vocals and Guitar, Karsten Nagel Vocals, Drums / Cajons and Marc Stigler Vocals and Bass.

Performance time up to 2 hours

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OOD And Band’s First Studio Album: Decomplicate The Talk, with Guest Musicians (see Album credits below), recorded and produced at Ultraschall-Produktionen (Folke Jensen) and Art of Music Studio (Jens Lück).

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Songs Recorded at *Ultraschall-Studios & #Art Of Music Studios produced by Folke Jensen , Song Humanize the People was produced by #Jens Lück ,Tracks & all Artists performing on this record are listed below: Drums on all Tracks except Track #7 & Track #9 by Lars Hellberg ,Bass additional programmings on all Tracks Marc Stigler, Piano,Mouthorgan and Synths Efx on Tracks #4 & #8 by Ralf Schlüter , Piano on Track # 1, #3, #5 by L-odo Lead Guitar & Lead Vocals on all Tracks by OOD,Guitar adds by Folke Jensen, Keys and backing vocals on Track 9 by Kai Beyer , Drums on Track 9 by Karsten Nagel