About OOD

Oliver Ohene-Dokyi (OOD)

I am happy being able to give some of my inspirations to this life and people with music.

When I started writing music there has been one goal:

Making people dance – smile, laugh and enjoy themselves and others sharing their joy to this and that song in a party rich atmosphere.

This has changed in 2004 after being unable for 4 years to write a single song. (young marriage crashed after 4 years – burned out – therapie)

Got back on feet – new small single flat – singer-songwriting the Album “no revenge” in 2004.

Gigging the streets, clubs and venues mostly in Hamburg city.

My goals on what to achieve with a song have changed to not only hopefully entertain the audience, but to also talk off my concerns about existing conflicts and catalysis to positive foresights achieving a peaceful life of the human being on earth and earthes being discovered and used as another living space for mankinds upcoming generations.
Thanks to everyone participating with what my songwriting

is about, especially my closest family and Kai, Marc and Karsten (OOD Band)

Thanks to all the music and musicians that are inspiring – or have been inspiring to me.

OOD was born in Kumasi (ghana) and lives in Hamburg Germany since 1975.